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About PA Families Inc. 

PA Families Inc. (PFI) is a not for profit Statewide Family Network providing support to families raising children and youth with emotional, behavioral, and special needs, as well as serving as an advocate in the different child serving systems.

Statewide Family Network

Our Statewide Family Network brings experienced families together to offer and receive support around areas of common concern with a special focus on helping families to navigate the child serving systems - mental health, drug and alcohol, children and youth, foster care, juvenile justice, and education.

PFI has a strong network of family members, caregivers, and advocates who welcome the opportunity to guide new families and help them develop a plan to ensure their loved one receive the best care available to them through any number of clinical, community, educational, or legal supports.

Teens Skate Boarding


The PFI website provides easy access to information on county, regional, and statewide agencies. The PFI Contact Directory proudly includes family driven support groups who are the foundation of our family network.

PFI is always looking for new resources to help with those challenges that arise in any system. Feel free to use our
Contact Us form to add a resource to our directory.

The PFI network represents individuals who have varied life experiences and occupations that have an interest in children and youth, their families, and the dissemination of knowledge to parents and caregivers through relaying information from conferences, trainings, and/or changes in state policies that affect their lives.  PFI provides this information to many of the 15,000 family members in the 67 counties maintained in our database.

PFI is operated by a Governance Board of Directors, the board is comprised of family members who have personal experience with one or more child serving system in Pennsylvania.

Our Executive Board

Gloria McDonald

County: Crawford

Region: Northwest

Maggie Parke

County: Cumberland

Region: South Central

Karry Carr

County: Centre

Region: North Central

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